Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hello from hot, steamy Australia

It's hot again.  I shouldn't complain.  It is Summer, after all.

My littlest person is sick.  Almost take-to-the-hospital sick.  At least she was last night.  Our local hospital doesn't do emergency at night so I would have had to drive a long way to the nearest one if I had taken her.  Any worse and I would have, but thankfully she came good and whilst still a little slow on the couch today, lots of hugs from mummy and more than one icipole later she's a lot more sparkier.

So there was no sewing done.

Instead, some more stitched stuff.  I know you like the pictures.

I've done so many cross stitches over the years.  Very little of it is framed though.  I don't think I'd have the wall space for framing them all.

Till tomorrow, keep cool and keep stitching.



  1. Sorry to hear about your little one. You must have had quite the night of worry. Glad she perked up a bit today - mummy hugs seem to have special heeling powers!

    You've done some lovely stitching over the years. I have a few unfinished projects from years ago. I've been toying with the idea of incorporating them into a quilt (like I need to start more quilts!)

  2. I do hope your daughter feels better soon.
    And here in Toronto we are quite cold. :)
    Love the little rabbits.

  3. Hi Suzie,
    I have many of these types of cross stitches and I am going to make bags with them. I have a bag already made using a tapestry I completed years ago as I didn't like enough to frame at some exorbitant price. Great way to use scraps for shoulder straps etc. Angela

  4. Oh excellent idea, Cookie!

    Mine are rolled up, sitting up at the top of the cupboard.

    Sometimes I feel guilty that they are not out on display, but as with quilting, it was always the doing that brought me pleasure. The finished item was just a happy by-product.

    THanks again