Saturday, 13 August 2011


No time to take photos as promised today.  I don't know where my time goes, I really don't.  Kids, shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning.... where's the sewing time in all of that?  Don't you love how you work your butt off and get to point zero (house clean, clothes folded and ironed and put away, dinner cooked, dishes done and put away - you get the idea) and in five minutes it's all gone pearshaped and you're further behind than you ever were?  That's my life at the moment.

Still.  I doubt my life is any different to thousands of other working mothers.  I'm luckier than most, I guess.

So some pictures for you.  What shall I show you today? 

Ahah.  Here's some.  Long before I had my own children (I was an older mother) I had the pleasure of becoming auntie to four delightful girls and one lovely nephew.  When the girls were smaller, I lavished home made gifts on them.   Here is a couple of quilts I made, which I have been told were much loved and much washed.  And that's all I wanted - I didn't want them to be put away in a cupboard.

Both of those girls are mid to late teens.  Bit too old for teddybears.  But I think they've kept the quilts safe.   I hope so.

Till tomorrow,


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  1. The 2 quilts er beautiful, we have always time to short for al ideas we have.