Thursday, 1 March 2018

Catching Up

Hi all!

My computer is working okay today so I’ve given it a reprieve (I know I’ll regret it!).

Quick post today, busy busy but please share some photos that I have taken:

Photo 27-2-18, 8 27 53 am

Photo 27-2-18, 8 28 05 am

This is one of those ‘looks great in a photo, not so great in real life’ quilts.  It’s from Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville website and her version looked amazing but mine is not so special.  The white in real life gets totally lost, my black prints are way too busy.  But you live and learn.  Busy black prints are not good for much at all.

Photo 27-2-18, 8 28 27 am

In other news, I have a new nephew and it was a perfect opportunity to crack open a new ball of yarn (I brought new stuff because you can’t possibly use the stash for new babies!) and I’ve already made the back!  And it’s not too mistake ridden either!

Photo 27-2-18, 8 29 05 am

Despite all our 46 degree days, our roses are really pretty still.  There’s not many left now but I did manage to pick these beauties.  I do love our roses.

Photo 27-2-18, 8 28 01 am

You know what I think is funny?  We can be so precious in a quilt show, handing out white gloves or frowning disapprovingly when people touch our quilts (I don’t care, to be honest – most people are decent and clean and my quilts are FAR from works of precious art!) and this is the pile in the corner of my sewing room.  It’s still there a week later. 

It is just fabric, after all!

Hope you have a great day!


  1. :) Thankyou. I have so many 'meh' (as my daughter says) quilts, I need to finish the ones I've started and just focus on the intricate, take your time quilts. I keep telling myself that at least!

  2. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !