Saturday, 4 June 2016

Technology Woes and Losing My Mojo

I've been absent again.

A number of things have happened the past few weeks.  

I'm flat chat, fully booked time wise right now.  I don't know where my day goes but it just goes and I collapse into bed, knowing that my to do list is no shorter than when I got out of bed that morning.

How do Supermum's do it all?   I wish I were super organised.

(as an aside, whenever I say in desperation to one child 'I'm NOT SUPERMUM!!', the baby of the family always pipes up 'I think you are! Bless her cotton socks).

I do work on three separate computers.  Two of them mine, one for work.  I have two computers because I have children who need access to the laptop for school and play, and anyone with children know you just can't keep anything nice.  So I have my lovely shiny laptop which is my own.  No sticky fingers, no downloaded apps I didn't approve.  The work computer won't play nicely with the home computer and the printer doesn't work on both computers and then I downloaded something on the new laptop which made all the proxy settings stop working and then I had to find out on another computer how to fix it and it was all very stressful...........and hours and hours of my day get sucked away.  

Deep breath.

I fixed the proxy setting thingie.  Crossed that off my mental checklist.

And somewhere, I have misplaced both my my blogging and my quilting mojo.  Do you know where I have put them?

I literally have nothing on the board to show you.  And nothing to talk about.  It's all Blah Ville here.

How do we shake the lack of mojo?  How do you shake it?  I'm sensing a serious declutter is on the cards, both physical and computerwise.  I suspect overloading has a lot to do with it.  There's stuff EVERYWHERE here, and there's so much digital distraction also.  I think I'm going to have to uninstall Pinterest.  There's a big, fat time suck there.  And even Facebook, or at the very least remove the quilting and knitting and crafting groups I belong to.  I am so easily distracted right now, and not enjoying sewing the projects I have started, and yet all the while drooling over the next ten I want to make that I've pinned somewhere.

So my quilting mojo is missing and it has taken my blogging mojo with it.

And that's the way things stand here.  

How about you?  Are you quilting up a storm or are you stuck in mud like me?


  1. I lost my quilting mojo about 3 months. Work was really busy and the only thing I could do when I got home (often very late) was veg out and watch tv. I didn't quilt anything for about 8 weeks but a deadline for a baby quilt forced me to get back at it recently. I can't say my mojo has completely returned (I need to find a project I just can't put down) but it's coming along. Forcing myself to quilt even when I didn't really crave it helped me.

    1. My problem really is too many things started and I can't focus on any of them. I've always been very bad at will power, and forcing myself to stop starting new things just isn't working. Fingers crossed I'll get back into the swing! Thanks so much for posting.

  2. I think we all go through periods like that. When things settle down and if you declutter you may find your mojo was just hiding. Good luck to you.

    1. Thanks for that, Barbara. That's what I'm hoping!