Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Scraptitude Mystery Quilt

*Updated 5/6/2014 – this was a mystery quilt posted by the blog, and the direct link is here:.  Enjoy!


I really ummed and erred about posting a photo of this quilt, just in case there was any readers were doing this mystery quilt and hadn’t finished it.  But I did a search on the quilt and there are solved pictures all over the internet, so I’m going to post mine and hope I haven’t ruined someone’s surprise.

I had a box of scrap squares, a roll of black homespun and a need for mindless sewing.  I found the solved Scraptitude Mystery Quilt here, and decided that I loved the design and my box of scraps would work well.  And I got to it.


I’m very pleased with it, though it’s very bright!!


It did go together okay, though not brilliantly.  It has a lot of bias triangles to work with and bias triangles and I don’t really get along.  Though I’m trying hard to rectify that.  To make them my friend.


Loving the black with the colours.  I think I’ll bind this one in black homespun.  Don’t look at the whooofy edges, will you?  Hopefully the quilting will sort them out, at least a little.


I told you I’d had a productive time while everyone is back at school and my husband is busy working.  I’ve been head down, bum up, sewing madly.


Anyway, my lovely readers – hope you liked my latest foray into scrap quilting.  Please drop me a line and let me know what you’re up to?


Till tomorrow,



  1. Where was this mystery? I love the quilt...

  2. Me too me too! I love it and sure didn't see this mystery. Can we still the pattern info?

  3. Me, too! Where is this one. Yours is lovely!

  4. Hello All! I am in the guild where the designer of this quilt goes. Her name is Charlotte and she now has her own blog. Scarpitude Quilts which can be found here. She has just started a new mystery quilt. Step One was just revealed last Tuesday. It will be revealed every month, with the reveal in May. A nice way to pass the winter months.

    1. Thankyou so much for the information, Lori - I shall go there right now!