Saturday, 1 December 2012

So obviously I have two girls….(a little show and tell for you)

IMG_1173 (2)

I love that I have two girls that I get to create lovely girly quilts for.

My daughter was given a birthday card one year, and it had the most divine picture on the front.  I knew I could make something really special from it.  I blew the design up a million times on the photocopier, then drew it out onto a huge bit of paper.  From then it was quite an easy process.  I didn’t have the right colour pink for the castle, so I used beetroot juice to dye that.  I didn’t have the right pale colour for the sky so I used food colouring for that too.  And both worked a real treat, I think.  All the fabrics were from my stash.  I have no lack of pastels in my cupboard.

Wasn’t difficult at all, really.  Cartoons and cards and wrapping papers are all great to use for applique quilt blocks.  It was a bit of a buggar trying to blanket stitch the middle area, but I persevered and she got her fourth birthday present for her fifth birthday, so I wasn’t too far behind.

Till tomorrow,



  1. How delightful! I bet she loved it.

  2. She does, though now she's nearly eight she tells me she wants something 'a little more grown up....'

    The other daughter wants it for her room. I tell her 'It's got Lucy's name on it' but that doesn't matter to her!