Friday, 7 October 2011

A few fixed up things

Hi everyone!

I'm home from our little jaunt and trying to fix up a few little bugs with my first month of Bountiful Bouquet.

I understand some of you have had a problem with size of printing.  I'm not really sure what to suggest to fix this - I did a few trial runs with my printer set up and it worked.  But I think I can see one or two issues, which I'll try and address.

When Using Thunderbird as your browser:

If you have my website in your browser, and you click on the image directly, then LEFT click, and then FILE, then PRINT, you will not get the right size to print of your design.  It will show as this when you do a print preview:

Can you see all that blank white page?  That is not what you want.  Your picture should nearly fill that whole page.  It should look like this when you do a print preview:

To fix this problem, you need to save yourself a copy of the file, and then print from that.  

So to do that, you go first to your desktop.  

Open a file on your desktop (right click on a blank bit of your screen, then click on NEW, then click on FOLDER.

Rename your folder Bountiful Bouquet.

Go back to my drawings.  Put your mouse over the first one and right click.  When given the choice to save somewhere, find your Bountiful Bouquet folder on your desktop menu and save the image into this folder.

When all four have been saved, go to your desktop and double click on this folder.  Click print, follow the prompts as it tells you and if it asks you to crop and rotate to fit, do so (this isn't really a biggie though)

The crop and rotate thing doesn't matter so much, because it won't really change the measurement too much in the overall scheme of things.

The ultimate aim is to have your design, when taped together, measure 8" x 36".

I have tried the above steps using Internet Explorer and it all works the same. So save the file before you print it, and it should all be hunkydory.  Hopefully.

Reading of the Numbers

I've also had some issues with the quality of the diagrams, in particular the numbers not being able to be read easily.  I've put them through the copier on a darker setting, which will make that easier, but it also makes the background white look a little grubby.  I haven't worked out how to fix that background 'noise' yet so hopefully you can work around it.  I've put them below for you to download if you need to.


I find it helps with the numbers if you lay down the leaves first, then the small off shoot stems over the top of the leaves, then the long skinny stems over the top of those shorter stems.  You can press at this step, because all your flowers go over the top.  But please, please email me if you need a closer picture of any of my diagrams and I'll be happy to email you one directly if you want.

Finally, I've uploaded a copy of these pictures to 4shared and I really, truly hope they work!  The PDF file contains all four diagrams in one go or else the JPEGs are single diagrams.
Okie Doke.
I've done my best, people :)  Please let me know if it's still giving you grief.

All the best,


  1. Thanks, Suzie, but now it looks like we have to subscribe to 4Shared at $6.50/yr to download?? Is that right?
    Gerda in Alberta

  2. noooo, it's a free file sharing place Gerda. The most it makes you do is wait 20 seconds. Click on the actual PDF part, not the blue download all button. It should open in a new window then from there and that's all free.

    Please let me know if it doesn't work

  3. Oh! well, that's different than I;m used to - thanks so much for the tip!
    Gerda in Alberta

  4. Hi Suzie, my friend and I are downloading and printing as we go and plan to make this a side-by-side project. I had a little trouble with the numbers because all my diagrams are pixelized but I will refer to your photos of the finished blocks so I can tell flowers from leaves. I will be guessing at some of the shapes but I don't care. How much background fabric do we need? How big is the finished quilt?

  5. Hi Purl
    Thanks for your comment.

    I've loaded all the individual postings for the quilt at the Free BOM tab along the top of the page.

    I've posted the full requirements list there, but just for your reference, you need 2 yards of backgrounds for the outer border, and then various 1/2 yard pieces for the individual borders. It's meant to be a scrappy thing, so as long as you have enough fabric for the outer border, you should be okay just buying as you go if that's the way you want to do it.

    In regards to the flowers, I'm really sorry that so many of you are having trouble reading them. But as a general rule - the leaves go down first, then the stems. The petals go down after that, then the little buddy things (the half circle on most of the flowers) goes over that.

    Really, as long as YOU'RE happy with how your flowers look that is all that matters.

    Please let me know if I can help you further.


  6. Yes I managed to print the hole pattern. It took some time and wrong prints but now it's perfect. thanks.